VEGAS ATV ADVENTURES LLC 45 E Main Street Goodsprings NV 89019


RESERVATIONS - Same Day Call 702-254-0770

##Terms & Conditions:
- You must bring "CHIP CREDIT/DEBT CARD" used to book this reservation with your matching, government issued ID. Cardholders must be present for verification/proof of purchase.
- Cardholders Name must match your ID (no card nicknames). Bookings using a nickname will be cancelled

##About our Waiver:
- Each customer in a reservation must electronically read and sign the ATV Waiver. Our waiver will be attached to this confirmation email - if you are having trouble finding it, please call us at 702-254-0770.
- Please have each person sign the ATV Waiver WITHIN your confirmation email. **Do not copy and paste the link.** You can forward the original email to all participants in your group, or have them click the same link if you are on a mobile device - the system will reset and prompt them to fill out their information. 
- **Note:** Only one person per waiver, two people cannot sign the same document.

##Things you and your group should know:
- You must wear closed toed shoes.
- Anyone under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol will NOT be permitted to ride.
- We provide helmets, gloves, goggles and water.